Current Members

Primary Investigator

Caroline L. Schauer, Ph.D.

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Department

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Research, College of Engineering


Office: CAT170C

Phone: 215.895.1821

Reva Street, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Department


Reva obtained her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering in June of 208 while being advised by Dr. Schauer in the NPP lab. She conducted postdoctoral research in Dr. John Rabolt’s lab in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Delaware. She returned to the NPP lab as an assistant research professor in the fall of 2020. 

Graduate Students

Emeka Chikelu

Emeka Chikelu is a third year PhD. Student in Biomedical Engineering. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Lagos (Nigeria) and University of Cincinnati respectively. His current research is focused on the fabrication of biomimetic muscle fibers for potential grafting in patients presenting with muscular dystrophy

Emily Herbert

Emily Herbert is a Materials Science and Engineering third year PhD student. Her research project includes studying industrial food waste and incorporating it into natural polymers using traditional processing techniques.

Divya Kamireddi

Divya is a third year Ph.D. Student in Material Sciences and Engineering. She completed her bachelor’s at University of Connecticut in Biomedical Engineering. Prior to starting her Ph.D., she worked at Medtronic as an Associate Manufacturing Engineer. She is a member of the Graduate Student Association and a GAANNs scholar. Her research focus is on producing functional nanoyarn for skin tissue engineering  that have the capability of sensing pH.

Emma Snelling

Emma Snelling is a first year Materials Science and Engineering PhD student. She joined the lab in 2019 while pursuing a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Materials Science and Engineering within Drexel University’s BS/MS program. Her current research focuses on the effects of incorporating cranberry pomace into extruded composites.

Undergraduate Students

Karli Akin

Karli Akin is a fourth-year student in Materials Science and Engineering. She is primarily interested in processing biopolymers. Since joining the lab in 2021, she has been working on touchspinning natural polymers into nanofibers.

Alessandra Cabrera

Alessandra is a first year BS student in Materials Science and Engineering. She joined the NPP lab in 2021 and is passionate about the wide applications of nanofibers and creating sustainable products through polymer engineering.

Brennan Coleman

Brennan Coleman is a fifth year BS/MS Materials Science and Engineering student. Working in the lab since 2018, he is primarily studying chitosan nanofibers and touchspinning. His current research is based around applications and effects of touchspinning natural polymers into nanofibers, as well as being part in the Tissue Engineering group in the lab.

Linda Franceschini

Linda Franceschini is a 5th year BS/MS student studying materials science and engineering who joined the lab in 2020. She is interested in bio-based polymers and environmentally friendly processing techniques. She is currently working on the integration of food waste to common polymer matrices to improve material properties.

Emma Rea

Emma Rea is a third year BS/MS student studying chemical engineering. Since joining the lab in 2021, she has been primarily working on touchspinning synthetic polymers. She is currently researching touchspinning antibacterial nanofibers.

Nicole Tavormina

Nicole is a 5th year BSMS student in chemical engineering and materials science and engineering. She joined the lab in 2019 and is currently working on the production of nanoyarns for use as sensors.