Undergraduate Research Experiences

SENSORS: From Design to Implementation

SENSORS is an NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates program, co-directed by Dr. Schauer. This ten-week summer research program on sensors, from science to application, allows students to gain experience in hands-on sensor research through work with faculty members, field trips, research and ethics workshops and more.

Twelve SENSORS students have performed research in our lab: Ms. Jessica Wolever (2006), Ms. Jelena Drazenovic (2007), Ms. Holly McIlwee (2007), Ms. Laura Stulga (2007), Mr. Eric Brenner (2008), Mr. Keith Fahnestock (2008), Ms. Katy Rooney (2010), Ms. Amelia Abdullah (2010), Mr. William Stoy (2011), Ms. Laura Toth (2011), Ms. Danielle Fagnani (2012) and Mr. Gregory Ike Muradyan (2012).

Drexel Research in Advanced Materials (DREAM)

DREAM is an NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates program. This ten-week summer program allows undergraduate researchers to join faculty and graduate student mentors in performaing research in nanomaterials, biomaterials, and the design and processing of advanced materials.

Five DREAM/REU students have performed research in our lab: Ms. Lisa Ranieri (2004), Ms. Sarah Cott (2005), Ms. Carrie Weber (2006), Mr. Daniel Sven Patrick (2007), and Ms. Jessica Thomaston (2008).

 STAR Scholars

The STAR program is a special program for academically talented students that matches Drexel University undergraduates with research faculty. The 10-week STAR program provides a means for students to get to know faculty, explore a major course of study, gain practical skills for career or graduate school, gain valuable research experience and advance science.
Ebony Thompson (2008) was our first STAR student in the NPP lab, followed by Emily Buck (2010), and Jared Ely (2011).